Good Luck…

…Hope You Found… Your Home…The Artist in Chicago.

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Artist in Chicago

Thank you for this life changing opportunity.                    


Helping people…

To better understand the role of the “Arts in our lives” and the role it plays.

“Art Expression and Appreciation”

The global mission is clear, but not too big for us as a… people.


Strategic Partnerships…


“I thank god”… for the goodness of his mercy in “The Lord Jesus Christ”

“For everything he’s done for us on this earth”

I wake this wonderful morning; I realize another purpose for me…

Helping… Hands, credibility, smart thinking…


In a world of talented individuals


Connections with people and organizations in every sector and industry associated with the arts.

Government, business, philanthropy, and entertainment—are crucial in realizing our goals.


Promoting collaboration

Forming of Alliances




Americans for the Arts


Building a stronger voice in supporting, a unique difference… for all “Cultures of People” in the Arts.


The Artist in Chicago

March-Man Designs


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Hello…from the Artist Desk.

Have…you seen anything… New too…Paint?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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